Letdown Reflex: why do I feel tingling when my baby nurses?

Updated August 12th 2023 Have you ever felt a tingling sensation in your breast while your baby is feeding or you are pumping? This sensation begins a few seconds after your nipples are stimulated and you feel it within the breast. You might wonder what’s going on, why you’re feeling it and why it’s happeningContinue reading “Letdown Reflex: why do I feel tingling when my baby nurses?”

Holiday Booby Traps: Avoiding Mastitis and other issues

How to manage a baby and breastfeeding during the holidays Updated November 15th 2022 The holidays are here and with it can come a lot of stress and worries or concerns over your family and your new baby. I’m going to start with a little story. I had a 4 week old at Christmas backContinue reading “Holiday Booby Traps: Avoiding Mastitis and other issues”

Is Breast Always Best?

Lactation Lessons From An Expert Updated April 22nd 2022 What does “breast is best” really mean? And is it true? I recently sat down to be interviewed by Megan Pearson at The Fertile at 40 Podcast to talk all things lactation. Megan and I quickly discovered that we shared many similarities in our breastfeeding journeys.Continue reading “Is Breast Always Best?”

5 Tips to Boost Your Milk Supply

Updated April 14th 2023 Are you catching yourself comparing what you produce to someone else online? ⁣⁣Social media is filled with with images of collection bottles filled to the caps and bags upon bags upon bags of frozen milk. But you shouldn’t compare yourself or feel bad about your milk production. ⁣⁣Most of what youContinue reading “5 Tips to Boost Your Milk Supply”

14 Tips for Breastfeeding in the First 14 days

Updated September 19th 2023 Breastfeeding can be completely unexpected. I know it was for me when I had my first baby. I did plan ahead with a prenatal breastfeeding class but I waited until I was 38 weeks pregnant and was so uncomfortable with Braxton-Hicks contractions the whole time that I couldn’t pay attention! IContinue reading “14 Tips for Breastfeeding in the First 14 days”