Client Appreciation

“Highly recommend Alex from Motherhood Blooms Lactation™ if any mommas are needing breastfeeding support!! She was so personable, and made me feel very comfortable on our Zoom meetings! We were at a roadblock dealing with thrush, pain, shallow latch, mastitis, and a lip & tongue tie. Alex was incredibly knowledgeable and helped us through each issue. We are so grateful for her, and feel like we can now continue on this journey!”


“I had a virtual consultation with Alex to help with a better latch as I was experiencing pain. The consult was super helpful. Alex asked many questions and helped me not only identify my breastfeeding goals, but also educated me on tips for a better latch giving me tangible things to try and information about what was happening and what a proper latch is. She provided an email after with what we talked about and several resources. Happy to share that I have no more pain :). I would highly recommend! (Virtual is just as effective as home visit!!)”


“I came to Alex when I experienced nipple pain in my left breast. I was worried that the pain would cause a decrease in my supply, so I was desperate for a consult. Alex sent me a lot more links for my references as well as a summary for our discussion. She also called me two days later for a follow up. I would highly recommend anyone to reach out to her for breastfeeding support”


“Alex supported me through the difficulties I had with breastfeeding. She was very supportive and responsive. Alex is a very professional and knowledgeable consultant, she provided me with great advice that helped me to cope with the issues that I had with breastfeeding. I felt such a relief after our consultations! I’d definitely recommend her!”


Motherhood Blooms Lactation™ has been an absolute blessing! I had a couple of virtual consultations with Alex to address specific breastfeeding challenges (low supply, latch, lip and tongue ties). She takes the time to listen to your questions, concerns, needs and wants in such a caring and compassionate manner. Alex provided me with the knowledge, guidance, helpful tools and a daily plan to put me on the right path to achieve my goal of exclusive breastfeeding. I highly recommend a consultation or class – and what better way than from the comfort of your own home! 


Alex supported me through my breastfeeding challenges with her expertise and encouragement. Alex made me feel confident and gave me the information and steps to help me reach my breastfeeding goals with a manageable plan that was completely tailored to my unique and sometimes complicated needs and schedule. She is informed, educated and so helpful, from her in-depth and up to date knowledge to her calm and comforting disposition, my experience working with her truly turned my breastfeeding journey around for the best. I would recommend Alex to anyone looking for lactation support in a judgement free, personalized and warm environment where you can feel 100% supported in your goals with Alex who is entirely committed to helping you reach them while offering flexibility and reassurance along the way. I am so pleased with my experience from start to finish. Thank you Alex! 


Alex has been kind, supportive and so so helpful with my breastfeeding journey! I had been discharged from a breastfeeding clinic because my newborn was finally gaining weight, but I still had so many questions. Alex was so patient and knowledgeable, talking to me over video call, reviewing a recording of me breastfeeding and responding to some of my questions over email, even on a weekend! I have felt so comfortable discussing my concerns with Alex – she is open to all questions and has answers that are evidence-based as well as based on personal experience. Alex’s calm reassurance got me through some difficult weeks at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey, and she continues to support me as my little one grows and changes. I highly recommend her!


“Alex was extremely helpful in the first few weeks of having my newborn. She was knowledgeable, patient and calm. She was able to provide excellent information and pieces of advice to make breastfeeding more comfortable for myself and my little one. Thank you Alex!”

-Kayla S.

Alex has been amazing to work with. She is kind, patient, and looks at many options to help you through your journey. My baby was having lots of issues with breastfeeding and I worked with Alex to try to make things better. With our work she explored different options and then it became apparent she needed surgery to release her lip and tongue tie. Alex’s support through such a tough time has been amazing and I’m so grateful for her help


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