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Whether you’re pregnant, ready to wean, or something in between, I have a course for you

Breastfeeding Before Baby Program

If you’re pregnant and planning to breastfeed and wondering what it’s all about, this course is for you. Breastfeeding might not come naturally. If you’re eager to breastfeed but are feeling worried or getting conflicting advice from friends and family, this course will save you from that overwhelm.

Bumps + Breastfeeding Academy

A safe space to create the breastfeeding relationship you desire and transform how you feel about feeding your baby. If breastfeeding matters to you, you deserve the right support to help you navigate challenges and reach your goals. This 3 month program gives you access to me on live zoom calls every other week and video help for making more milk, latching, pumping, overcoming breast and nipple pain as well as a community of other moms!

Introduction to Starting Solids

Wondering where to start when it comes to introducing your little one to solids? This class has the answers you need to feel confident about introducing your little one to new foods (including allergens) while continuing to provide them breastmilk.

Weaning With Love

Ready to wean your baby or toddler but don’t know where to start? Do you need some help to guide you through the process? This class has the answers you need to feel confident about starting the weaning process with your little one 

For professionals

If you’re currently or planning to teach prenatal breastfeeding classes these done-for-you handouts and slides will help you spend less time on course creation and more time teaching your clients.

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