Weaning: my personal experience weaning a toddler

Updated February 22nd 2022 Part 1 If you’re just finding me now, welcome! My name is Alex and I help breastfeeding moms have a calm and confident fourth trimester and breastfeed with ease. I am a lactation expert. My passion is helping parents breastfeed. I love working with families to support their infant feeding goals.Continue reading “Weaning: my personal experience weaning a toddler”

Shoosha Baby Care the whole family can use

Exceptionally clean and organic baby skin care that is safe and effective This post contains affiliate links. Clean beauty and skin care is very important to me. Our skin is our largest organ and anything that goes on it, is quickly absorbed into our bodies. I’ve made a point for quite a long time nowContinue reading “Shoosha Baby Care the whole family can use”

Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System

So it seems everyone is trying to avoid getting sick by buying all the hand sanitizer (and toilet paper?). The problem with that is, effective hand washing with plain ol’ soap and water is actually MORE effective at removing surface bacteria than hand sanitizer. Using an all purpose castille soap such as Dr. Bronner’s willContinue reading “Natural Ways to Support Your Immune System”

Supplements During Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re pregnant (or thinking about becoming pregnant). There’s so much whirling through your mind right now and one topic is likley supplements. If this little one is a surprise, you might not already be taking a prenatal. That’s definitely a key supplement you want to start right away. Ideally, if you are planning forContinue reading “Supplements During Pregnancy”

Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin This Winter

While it feels like fall just started, the temperature is already dropping. It’s getting much colder and windier and this impacts our skin. While we don’t have much skin exposured during the colder months, the dry air negatively affects our skin. You might be noticing your skin is a little dry, maybe dull. Maybe theContinue reading “Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin This Winter”

Easy Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are a powerhouse of nutrition. They are rich in plant based omega 3’s, iron, magnesium, calicum, thiamin (B vitamin), manganese and a great source of fibre. The fibre chia seeds contain is very gentle on the digestive tract and actually helps promote healing. This fibre is mucilaginous which helps soothe an inflamed digestiveContinue reading “Easy Chia Pudding”

Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies for breakfast? The reason these cookies are great for breakfast is that they are full of nutrient dense ingredients and free of refined sugars. They can be enjoyed as an afternoon or after day-care snack as they are great for kids too. Since they are also nut free, they are schoolContinue reading “Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies”

Supporting your skin during pregnancy

Updated May 7th 2021 There is a lot of demand on your body when you are pregnant. One of the biggest changes is your growing baby. Your skin needs to grow and stretch with the baby and most of us would love that to happen with the most minimal impact possible. Stretch marks and LineaContinue reading “Supporting your skin during pregnancy”

7 Ingredient Carrot Cake Bites

I love carrot cake. In my family, it’s usually an Easter treat. I’ve made many different versions over the years from traditional, to gluten free, to paleo. I don’t think I’ve ever had a carrot cake I didn’t like. So when I was thinking up a new recipe, I was inspired by the warm spicesContinue reading “7 Ingredient Carrot Cake Bites”

Winter Skin Fixes

So the warmer weather has arrived! We’ve just spent months wrapped up in layers as the harsh cold and winter winds hit our faces. You might be noticing your skin is a little dry, maybe dull. If you’ve been moisturizing your skin and it still hasn’t recovered from winter, there’s a little more you couldContinue reading “Winter Skin Fixes”