Your Investment in My Services

I believe in a holistic approach to breastfeeding and lactation which to me means finding the root cause of your concern and addressing the full picture of what’s going on to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.
Your Investment

Initial Consult (virtual or in person) $150

Breastfeeding advice isn’t one size fits all which is why individual breastfeeding consultations are so beneficial. Includes a 1-1.5 hour consult, a full history intake, observation of nursing and/or pumping, customized care plan and resources to reach your goals. This consult is great if we’ve never worked together before and you’re struggling with a feeding issue, whatever it may be.

In addition, you have 1 week of unlimited email follow up support with me. The week of follow up support begins immediately after the initial consult. Applicable taxes extra.

Follow Up Consult (virtual or in person) $100

Available after an initial consultation. After working closely with you to create a feeding plan specific to your goals, a follow up helps provide the ongoing support you need to make any adjustments. Includes a 1 hour consult anytime outside of your 1 week of immediate follow up support after an initial consultation. Applicable taxes extra.

Prenatal Package (virtual) $199

If you’re pregnant and planning to breastfeed and you have lots of questions, this is for you. Breastfeeding might not come naturally but you can feel confident when you are prepared. I will take a health history to determine if/where you might face some challenges and how to best prepare for them. I will answer all of your questions and ease your concerns. You will receive personalized resources to support you including 24/7 access to my online prenatal breastfeeding class and weekly messaging support with me for 4 weeks after our consultation

Peace of Mind Check In (virtual or in person) $55

This 30 minute check in is great if you have a few questions and need some answers or help troubleshooting. Topics could include pumping, milk storage, starting solids, teething or anything else you might otherwise send a DM about. Additional fees will apply if we need more than 30 mins. In person also includes a weight check. Applicable taxes extra

Weaning Consultation (in person or virtual) $115

This customized weaning consultation will help you gently wean your baby from nursing and or bottle feeding and pumping. I will create a step by step plan for you to gradually begin reducing feedings. Whether you’re planning to remove some feedings or wean completely. Includes 2 weeks of email/text follow up support. Applicable taxes extra

Alex supported me through the difficulties I had with breastfeeding. She was very supportive and responsive. Alex is a very professional and knowledgeable consultant, she provided me with great advice that helped me to cope with the issues that I had with breastfeeding. I felt such a relief after our consultations! I’d definitely recommend her!


Alex provided me with the knowledge, guidance, helpful tools and a daily plan to put me on the right path to achieve my goal of exclusive breastfeeding. I highly recommend a consultation or class – and what better way than from the comfort of your own home!


Get in touch to book your consult

Let’s work together to reach your goals.

*Virtual consults will be rescheduled based on my calendar availability if you do not show up or arrive more than 10 minutes late. If you live outside of Canada, you will be invoiced in USD, no matter your country of residence.

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