Winter Skin Fixes

So the warmer weather has arrived! We’ve just spent months wrapped up in layers as the harsh cold and winter winds hit our faces. You might be noticing your skin is a little dry, maybe dull. If you’ve been moisturizing your skin and it still hasn’t recovered from winter, there’s a little more you could be doing.

While it’s important to be applying moisturizer to your skin, don’t forget about moisturizing from the inside. That might sound a little weird to you but by consuming healthy fats, we’re helping our skin from the inside out. Fats like avocado, nuts and seeds, omega 3s from fish, evening primrose oil and GLA oil are excellent oils for skin. They will help keep your skin hydrated, glowing, plump and clear.

Water is also essential for beautiful skin. Keeping hydrated will keep your skin hydrated. If water is boring to you, try adding fruits and herbs like watermelon, lemon, strawberries, cucumber or mint to add a fresh twist.

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What you’re applying to your skin will also determine if it’s dry or not. Choose a moisturizer with clean ingredients. Read my post here about how to select clean beauty products.

I moisturize my skin in both the morning and evening. In addition, after a shower, I take the opportunity to moisturize the rest of my body. Not just my face. At night I love using an oil. Oils are great at night because they leave your skin fresh and soft in the morning. Using them during the day might affect your makeup application or make you look a little too “glowy”. My choices includes the antioxidant-rich and anti-aging Argan oil which I’ll add 1-2 drops of Lavender essential oil to once it’s in the palm of my hand or Blue Tansy Oil from Acure.

Supplements can also help make a difference. Collagen and antioxidants will keep your skin youthful and glowing. In addition, probiotics can help support your skin health especially if acne is of a concern. Check out this post on probiotics to learn more. 

A final note I will make is on sunscreen. Sunscreen is necessary to protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun. Look for physical sunscreens with Zinc Oxide rather than chemical sunscreens. The Environmental Working group has an exceptional list each year of the best natural and clean sunscreens. Here’s the link to see how clean your sunscreen really is. It also offers alternative choices for your family so only the safest products are going on your skin.

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