Shoosha Baby Care the whole family can use

Exceptionally clean and organic baby skin care that is safe and effective

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Clean beauty and skin care is very important to me. Our skin is our largest organ and anything that goes on it, is quickly absorbed into our bodies. I’ve made a point for quite a long time now to only use clean products on myself, my son and in our home.

I love using Shoosha Baby Organic Sensitive Skin Baby Wash & Shampoo on my son because I trust the brand and their ingredients. First, the ingredients are organic. When using plant based ingredients (such as aloe and calendula like in this product) organic ensures they were grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides. Second, the product is so safe and pure you could eat it! It’s true. It’s actually certified organic food grade. Now, I’m not encouraging you to but as a mom, that makes me feel so good as I don’t need to worry if some gets into my sons mouth.

Shoosha Baby Organic Sensitive Skin Baby Wash & Shampoo is a Canadian product that is synthetic chemical free, synthetic fragrance free, hypo-allergenic, BPA free, alcohol free, vegan, non gmo, and 100% biodegradable. Quite impressive for a product that also works!

You won’t get bubbles with this product and that’s a great thing. For bubbles to form, SLSs (sodium lauryl sulphates) are required which can cause skin irritation and have some controversy over safety. Just another chemical Shoosha Baby is free of.

The Rescue Diaper Balm

A must have in your diaper care routine

Who wants to smear around a whitening zinc diaper cream when you can use a beautiful lavender scented balm instead?

Shoosha Baby Organic Protective Diaper Balm is made with calendula and evening primrose oil. These ingredients help soothe babies bottom and prevent diaper rash.

It is also made with hydrating cocoa butter and lightly scented with lavender essential oil. The vitamin e and rosemary extract in the product not only protect the product from going rancid, but also function as antioxidants.

This diaper balm is certified organic, hypoallergenic and synthetic fragrance free so it’s great for the sensitive skin of the diaper area. It’s very lightweight and a little goes a long way. Honestly, I would feel confident and comfortable using the product to moisturize my baby’s body. You can’t do that with a zinc diaper cream.

I love the feeling of this product and how it glides onto my sons skin. It’s important to point out that this product is safe for use with cloth diapers. You won’t have any staining.

Shoosha creates exceptionally clean organic products right here in Canada that any mother would be proud to use.

Organic Sensitive Skin Face & Body Lotion by Shoosha Baby is an excellent addition to your clean baby care line up.

This fragrance free lotion is made with oatmeal and aloe vera for the ultimate soothing combination. This lotion is hypoallergenic, completely unscented, dries quickly, lightweight and perfect for the whole family.

This lotion will hydrate your baby’s skin and provide relief from itching due to dryness.

It’s a product you can feel confident about as it’s made with ingredients that are safe enough to eat so no worrying if baby gets some in his or her mouth.

I love using this lotion on my son after a bath to hydrate his skin. It’s also a great option with summer almost here, in addition to keeping ourselves safe with sunscreen it’s important to keep our skin hydrated. I’ve also used this lotion myself.

If you’re looking for baby care that is made without any nasty chemicals and really works, buy Shoosha Baby. You won’t be disappointed.

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