My Favourite Essential Oils

There are so many brands of essential oils out there that it can be overwhelming for someone who hasn’t used them before. How do you know which brand to buy? What scents do you buy? How do you use them? Here’s a few of my personal tips as well as my top 5 favourite essential oils and how I used them.

When selecting a brand to buy, do your research! Essential oils can be adulterated which means the oils are cut with other substances to cheapen the product. A reputable company will have trusted suppliers with lab tested ingredients. If the oils are also very inexpensive, second guess it. Yes, some oils such as citrus are fairly inexpensive across all brands but just be wary as you price compare. This is one of my favourite brands. 

When you are picking a scent, pick whatever is most appealing to you! That’s it! If you enjoy the smell, that’s the one. Essential oils can also elicit a specific effect on the body. For example, lavender will help clam and relax you while peppermint can stimulate and energize you. When researching companies, all this information should be available to you. If it’s not, again, think about choosing another brand.

Essential oils can be used in many ways. You can use them in DIY body products like this lavender body scrub. You can also use them in DIY perfumes and body lotions so long as you use a carrier oil. A carrier oil is an oil that helps dilute the essential oil so it’s safe to use directly on skin. Almond oil and jojoba are a few of my favourites. You can also add essential oils to your laundry. A couple drops of lavender into the wash or if you use wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets, you can drop a couple drops of essential oil onto those before you pop them into the dryer.

My top 5 essential oils (in no particular order)

LAVENDER This oil has a special place in my heart. Before I began working in the natural health industry I thought I hated lavender. Everything lavender whether it was candles, air fresheners, detergent etc all stunk to me. Turns out, it was never true lavender essential oil. It was artificial fragrances and “parfum” as mentioned in my post here. When I smelled real lavender, the difference was incredible and it was now an essential oil I love. I use lavender in diffusers throughout my home. I add a drop or two to my night time skin oil as it has antibacterial properties and is so relaxing. I have added a few drops to body lotions as well as making my own body scrub with it. Lavender is also a great oil to use for DIY home cleaning products.

EUCALYPTUS is a wonderful oil to use in a diffuser if your nose is stuffy. It’s great for opening up the airways. Eucalyptus is also fantastic at getting label glue of glass jars! I love saving glass jars to re-use them but soap and water only seems to go so far. There is always glue residue left. A few drops of this oil onto a cloth or right onto the glass, wipe, and the glue residue will disappear. It has a very fresh scent so it’s great for use as an air freshener too.

PEPPERMINT is another great one to use if your nose is stuffy. I also love a few drops of peppermint in the shower first thing in the morning. This oils energizes and breathing in the peppermint in the steam of the shower is a great wake up.

LEMONGRASS just smells good! I like mixing it with lavender and using it in a diffuser. This one is also great when used in DIY home cleaning products and on those wool dryer balls I mentioned.

SWEET ORANGE is a lovely soft citrus scent that will brighten up any room. I typically add this to a diffuser with other citrus oils. I also enjoy it with lavender.

Here’s a few resources for finding essential oils:

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